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Rife Therapy is based on Quantum Physics. Every living organism is made out of energy and this energy vibrates with a certain frequency. As you can imagine, our bodies contain many living organisms as we are all just hosts to billions of pathogens. Every single one of these guys has their own energetic vibration (frequency) - the good ones and the bad ones too. As our immune system weakens, the pathogens inhibit their growth & spread which alarms the immune system. The Rife Therapy device is used to pick those that are ‘screaming the loudest’ and report to us about their danger. 


We always start testing the body with high frequency detection, followed by neutralising (killing) those frequencies of pathogens found. Within a day or two, your body commences regenerating itself energetically - this is the first step of the healing process in every living organism. This process has to be repeated a few times until no active pathogens are detected.


The pathogen frequencies ‘picked up’ in this test are very sensitive - the system picks up every slightest abnormality in your body. Some problems listed might be very old and others will warn us about conditions that are only just forming - we call this a predisposition to illness. 


For example, if your test contains the word "cancer", it usually doesn't mean that you have cancer but there are some cancer cells in your body that are more active than what would be preferred. In this case, we can already commence a holistic approach to prevention. 


Another example - you had a viral infection or an injury a very long time ago and have no symptoms or problems associated with it anymore. However, the test picks up the frequency of it. It means that your immune system is still fighting the particular virus even though you don't feel ill by it or, your body still remembers the injury as it caused trauma back when it happened. This trauma may lead to an energetic disturbance or ‘alert’ in the body and healing is just impossible in this environment.


In every case, running 'killing' programs a few times in a row neutralises the unwanted frequencies of the pathogens which leads to their death. When those are no longer present, your body can start regenerating itself peacefully.


Along with colonics, a good diet and little lifestyle adjustments, we will make sure these dead pathogens will detox out of your body thoroughly and cause no harm to you anymore. This is a very important part of it as you don’t want to leave the ‘died off’ bacteria, parasites, moulds and particles of heavy metals floating through your bloodstream or lymphatic system and make you unwell.


Rife Therapy is a gentle & safe healing method that can’t harm you if overdone or if incorrect frequencies have been used. The side effects of ‘die off’ can however be slightly felt if the detoxification protocol isn’t followed. For example, if you are not drinking water but lots of coffee and/or alcohol, if you have not enough sleep or eating a diet that is harsh on your body, you may feel unwell as the toxins need to be eliminated.


This therapy is suitable for any age group, during pregnancy, before or after surgery, chemotherapy or any other procedure or condition. We can also heal pets. And yes, we can help you detox anything and everything that you don't want to keep in your body!


Treatments are available in person or remotely, we just need your DNA in the form of nail clippings (2-3 finger nails). Place them in a small zip lock or paper bag and send them to our clinic. Nail polish is not an issue.


On average, a person needs 5 sessions. With chronic illnesses, cancer, injuries and other complex conditions, you might need more sessions - basically until you feel the improvement! Remote sessions are recommended for all kinds of detoxes as we need detoxification programs to be running for up to 12 hours in one session. The cost of 5 sessions is $250 and if you need more sessions, each one after is $40. You will get a reminder & information of each session.

Please send your DNA sample to:


Heal & Glow Holistic Wellness Centre

624 Drummond Street South 

Redan, VIC 3350

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