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Every human on the earth came to this life to learn - through opportunities, happiness & joy, pain & suffering, forgiveness, growth and healing. When our spirit finds it's purpose, it needs the body to thrive in good health. The mind is a messenger - processing and calibrating messages & feelings between spirit and the physical body (and it's a huge job!) The whole person needs to stay in tune in order to be in good health and to fulfil their purpose in life.

Holistic Counselling is a unique method of finding balance of all components of the human being, treating them as a whole. Mental imbalances and their causes are deeply rooted and need your whole being to realise, forgive, cleanse, re-energise and learn to love yourself the way you deserve. Only then can you heal and find your true purpose for this beautiful journey called life. In our sessions, you will feel understood, supported, nurtured and loved. We will discover the reasons behind your suffering and remove them from your life.

Individuals (including children), couples and parent/child counselling sessions take place in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you may be in the world. Our therapeutic approach may consist of: talking & listening, regressive therapy, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy, art therapy, energy healing, breathing techniques and much more. Your first appointment however, will consist of a detailed overview of your state and situation so we can together decide on the best suited approach for you.

Remember, no one else can make it happen but you. If you are reading this right now, you've already made the first step towards something truly beautiful.

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